Thursday, May 29, 2008

CRICKET: From ball pitching to news pitching

India Cricket News
The sports world in the modern day scenario is not merely based on the sports itself; it is equally based on the broadcastings & information dissemination as the globalised village formation needs to share each & every happenings going around.
All this is just not to share the information or create awareness but also to popularise the event with which the information is dealing.
The matter to be discussed here deals with cricket more specifically. Even when only a dozen of countries were involved with it, its popularity was competing with soccer’s.
This has happened due to the availability of cricket news all across the globe from ‘n’ number of media forms. Now if go deeper in this, we will find that even in cricket Asian cricket has challenged the popularity of Ashes (or the founder teams of cricket).

Let’s talk about particularly Indian cricket in Asia as it has been the country ahead from all the aspects. Now the most interesting thing to be noticed here is the growth of Cricket in India with the media & IT sector of the country. These aspects have grown hand in hand, thus yielding the great popularity of Indian Cricket leading to the popularity of Asian Cricket. Also this has contributed to the world cricket.
One more issue which crops up is the revenue growth of the BCCI; we will discuss it in the next article.
The development of It & It-enabled services in India flooded the internet world with websites on Cricket, giving us all the India cricket news with the world news of course. The most crucial factor has been the cricket latest news scorecard to generate the traffic towards the websites from the television media. This happened due to the development of communication industry (mobile phones supporting GPRS, etc.) & the very handy notebooks (laptops) with easily available data cards.
So, the cricket fans should thank the internet media developers for bringing in the cricket news with cricket latest news scorecard & the service providers should take care of the developments in the consumer demands on an on going basis.

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